Wednesday, 20 February 2008

1v5 The Will and Glory of God

Jesus gave himself for us, willingly laying down his life. And this was the will of the Father. Both acting as one to secure our salvation.

What follows in verse 5 could be taken two ways.

1) It was the will of the Father for his glory.
2) Consider the will of the Father, and give glory to God.

I'm inclined to the second, though the first holds true from other scripture (just read Ezekiel 36-37 for example). The gospel brings glory to God for his salvation. Accomplished by him. His plan. His idea. His work. Not ours in any way. That's one of the many reasons why the legalism and self-righteousness afflicting Galatia is a problem, because it takes the attention of God and on to people. It says God saved you, now do your part.

The latter angle expresses the appropriate response to God's freedom plan through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Put all eyes on God. Attribute everything to him.

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